Our Management Training Program

Here at MAS Advertising we provide unlimited promotional opportunities for each of our representatives based 100% on achievement instead of seniority. We support the philosophy that if you earned it, you deserve it. We look further than the title and tenure. By pushing our representatives to go beyond their comfort zones, we open the door to success. Our representatives practice their newly acquired skills alongside veteran team members who help them achieve amazing results in a very short amount of time. Many of our representatives advance into management within 6-9 months of starting with us.

Everyone begins at an entry-level position, receiving lessons in marketing, training, business development and business operations. We are building up future partners through our renowned management training program.

Client Representative

Our entry-level client representatives will learn how to effectively execute in-store marketing campaigns for one of our Fortune 500 clients. Representatives receive extensive training in sales, marketing, customer service and customer retention strategies. They contribute to the development of promotional marketing campaigns and work on reaching weekly goals related to sales, compliance, client satisfaction and customer retention.

Corporate Trainer

The corporate trainer is responsible for multiple in-store marketing campaigns throughout the territory. At this stage, the corporate trainer begins to build their team and train entry-level representatives in customer service, sales and marketing campaign skills. This is where the teaching/mentoring role begins. Trainers dip their toes in business operations and HR processes through conducting interviews with potential candidates.

Assistant Director

At this stage, the assistant director engages much deeper in business operations, recruiting, payroll, HR processes, and budgeting for business expenses. Back-end business acumen is developed at this stage once an individual has demonstrated ability in the previous areas. The goal at this level is to develop a team great enough to open up operations in a new territory.

Director of Operations

The director of operations oversees the entire business and is responsible for marketing campaigns, HR management, and business operations in the entire territory. At this level, you are running your own practice for our prestigious clientele, continuing to grow and expand into new territories while overseeing all of your operations.

We are looking for motivated individuals to join our team.